Through my work at EURNEX. eV I have been involved in making the visual identity for the Emulradio4Rail project. A project carried out by 7 partners from 5 different EU member countries.

The objective of the The Emulradio4rail is to develop an innovative radio access emulation platform for tests and validation of on-board and track side prototypes in order to drastically reduce the costs and burden of testing and validation procedures increase accessibility to testing solutions for all stakeholders in Europe reduce time-to-market for radio access technologies provide more robust innovative solutions and “greener” testing solutions. 

Based on the values and objectives of the project we came up with a Logo that shall represent emulradio4rail in the future. Key words that worked as association and ground for the logo where RailRadio, Simulations, Signals, Wavelengths, track, Testing, Quality, Technologies, Modern, Ecological. 

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